Calle joshi

AAAW Single title
AAAW Tag Team title
AJW Junior title
AJW title
All Pacific title
Artist of Stardom Title
Asia Dream Tag Team title
AWF World Women's title
AWG Tag Team title
AWG title
Beyond the Sea Tag Team Title
Beyond the Sea Title
CMLL-REINA International Junior title
Daily Sports Tag Team title
FantastICE title
FMW Independent Women’s & WWA Women’s Title
Future of Stardom title
Goddesses of Stardom title
High Speed title
ICE Cross Infinity Title
Independent Junior Heavyweight title
International Princess Title
International Ribbon Tag Team Title
Internet Wrestling 19 Title
Jd' Junior title
JWP Junior title
JWP Openweight Championship
JWP Tag Team Championship
KSR title
LLPW Six Man Tag Team title
LLPW Tag Team title
LLPW title
NEO Tag Team title
New Blood Tag Team title
NWA Women's Pacific & NEO Championship
Oz Academy Openweight Title
OZ Academy Pioneer title
Oz Academy Tag Team Title
Princess Of Princess Title
Princess Of Pro Wrestling title
Princess Tag Team Title
PURE-J Openweight title
Queen of Arsion title
Queen Of JTO title
Regina Di WAVE title
REINA World Tag Team title
REINA World Women's title
REINA-CMLL International Championship
Sendai Girls Junior Championship
Sendai Girls Tag Team Championship
Sendai Girls World Championship
Sky High of Arsion title
SMASH Diva title
Super Asia title
SWA Undisputed World Title
Triangle Ribbon Title
TWF World Women's Tag Team title
TWF World Women's title
Twin Star of Arsion title
UWA International Women's title
WAVE Tag Team title
Wonder of Stardom title
World of Stardom title
World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana Queen Elizabeth title
World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana Tag Team Title
World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana World title
WWWA Title
WWWA World Martial Arts Title
WWWA World Tag Team title